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Hello Comrades,


It’s been a long time coming and it came at the right time. I am so enthusiastic about this to the extent where I am visibly elated with this step Ive taken into making my platform audio. Podcast:Too Deep for a First Episode

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I have really been taking my time and been attentive to other peoples thoughts asking me to create something like this, I just know it had to be at the right time. Many people have approached me with the idea of making a podcast but none of them showed the execution of really wanting to do it, intro Tyler.

Tyler is an old school buddy who has known me for the better part of ten years, loves my works and thoughts and asked if I wanted to execute. my answer is always yes but the ability to move forward was in his hands. this is the first episode of many in my production of audio content and I am super happy with this first iteration

We spoke about a couple things in the culture but my main thing is never really to talk about other people and put my opinions out there like that, where its really my need to have real genuine conversations about artist what we go through and how I get through it. Including couple of subjects in the Zeitgeist and ultimately our understanding about artist and opinions on how artists are perceived and how we impact culture which lead us to Tyler perry’s speech that we both agreed meant everything and was always the goal

Just like my A Note, Thought, Dialogue series its  best had as an open forum. when I first made the statement culture and camaraderie it was about me thinking about the life of an artist and the ideal of creative collaboration, friendship, nakama, kinship. The words that describe the warmth of togetherness, the campfire of a social setting and a lighthouse for likemindedness.

I hope you love it

Anchor:Too Deep for a First Episode

Whatever moves your dial, to true north

Damilare, NYTypical

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