We go again,

I’ve had a thought, its a bit weird and off the cuff because I haven’t publicly addressed university or higher education since saying it was my personal trap at 22/23.Which with a more understanding mind I can see what I was getting at was use, the law of use is a super important on.

I spoke about something to this effect on a dialogue on design where I speak on design language and imagery where the perspective has a symmetry to old companies like JPMC who would reimagine themselves in a “modern” way as the institution they are. As a Art company that designs for real world application your proximity to institution can be damaging to a degree depending on what your goals are.

Its absolutely imperative people give you some thing you can use because the value in that is tremendous. I’ve noticed if you give me useless information or energy I switch off, like there is a part of me that zones out and I can’t hear the things that are unusable or I’ve heard them before or I already do it.

When you start out as a kid your net is very fine and has almost microscopic links that pick up on the most minute details, from how people deal with emotion, how they deal with others and what you are supposed to do when faced with a situation and your coping ,mechanisms. that leaves you messed up sometimes, or if you’re brought up with value systems in line with how you as a person conducts yourself then you might be a little better. What happens when we’re adults is that net gets wider and wider and some of us nets are so wide they’re only meant to capture big ideas to us. some of us finish our formal tutelage earlier than others and start our learning of the market from that point. Thats kind of what happened to me.

How Design can help Artist

Some People are meant to go to University. because their course teaches them the things they don’t know already, what I see now is the value in learning ideas and studies adjacent to what you’re doing now. thus the title Art Students should go to Design School. If you’re an Artist and paint murals or canvas collections I’m of the belief you should take time to go to some Design course or photography course to maximise your understanding of the worlds mechanics, human mechanics

How Art can help Designers

If you are any sort of designer being engaged with a more creative intangibles like the histories of cultures, blending colours, expressing yourself for expressions sake. finding the beauty in the minutia of life embodying the spirit of openness to thing not going exactly as planned where they lean to the more engineering precision side. I get there’s a formula and guideline (talking about cars and things of that nature) what we have to understand is art informs design. Whichever way you want to look at it from graphic design to architecture. An artist produced it then it became industry standard.

Editors Note

I am of the belief we will get better artists and designers when everyone knows their history as it pertains to their disciplines and cross disciplines. It really allows one to have a more robust foundation entrenched in the rich knowledges of the masters and those that came before us. Not just Dieter Rams and Bauhaus but art movements and innovations.

I can speak openly about something if my knowledge base is attached to a deeper understanding of all things considered, cross disciplines, adjacent discipline and even industries that are residually effected.

Stay composed and keep your neck up

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