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Hello Comrades,

In this weeks podcast we join Damilare @nytypical & Tyler Edwards @Lax_Era in another exploration of creativity, speaking about finances what is a creative vs an artist. Who do the best jobs really go to and what we has to learn for us to get from where we were go where we are now.

The thesis discussion comes to a close as it’s something that is needed to be told wholly rather than in bits and pieces. Which doesn’t mean there haven’t been handsome topics to discuss. Tyler stands as a living breathing testimony for its effectiveness

Finding the flow of the podcast we signal the Tyler the Creator interview with Zayn Lowe as a reference point. Understanding the need for credit for yourself and for future purposes. Damilare also talks ambitions for academic excellence.

Full podcast

iTunes: No Competition for the Learned

Spotify: No Competition for the Learned

Whatever moves your dial, to true north

Damilare, NYTypical

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