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We go again

It’s even been a year since I started writing articles. And 5 months since I took it seriously,bits been one heck of a journey like seriously I never thought a year later I would have a podcast or writing releasing my books and it’s all because I started this website.

Having this website to express myself is what allowed me to flex that muscle and really be one with my creative process. From the concept and planning of an idea and being able to flesh out an idea in word format all the way to presenting it for people once the idea is done to the state I appreciate.

I have recently started my podcast and my talking ability may be high but it’s not all the way where I want it but when it comes to writing a concept down and going through the process of editing and fleshing it out I have a real good idea of how to do that. Translating that into orator skills is my podcast job and just in there as I do here. I am just honestly thankful I went down this path.


I’m pleased to see how this grows, I haven’t been talking about the most zeitgeist things but I have been talking about things that are important to me and its amazing to see they’re important to others.

Talking about contemporary designers principles design ethics mindset and all that isn’t as sexy as all the mainstream outlets would have you believe but they are very important. I talk about designers that get little press but are positively amazing my most inspiring posts have been about Yoon of Ambush and Kerbie of Pyer Moss (who’ll I’ll be writing more on.); who have been read on mystic mortises than any designer, which makes me proud. I had a genuine interest in their greatness and it spread.

Thats the type of energy ~I hope to bring light to contemporary designers and better understanding of what it means to be an artist and have a philosophy. Those code’s will forever be shared as long as this forum exists and I am happy I made it

Stay composed and keep your neck up


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