Culture and Camaraderie Podcast: Ep6 — Relationships with Community and Family (@camaraderiepod)

Hello Comrades

Here we are on the Sixth episode of the Culture and Camaraderie podcast. Tyler and `I are really getting our act together and setting aside our time and schedules to bring to you this content a few asked for and a few more are enjoying.

Brief intermission on some anime talk till we go into being informed on what your community needs from you to really dig deep and have your eyes open to that type of value that’s in the world. I really want to get into that more and will possibly write an article on it. Those relationships though come when you have a grasp on how you were trained at home, making sure you’re not so defensive and taking things personal you’re able to take aboard new ideas and offer the best.

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That all starts at home and I have a serious conversation about how much your family represents how you see the outside world and I give some real thoughts on that because its a conversation that I take very seriously due to how hard and how serious I take family.

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