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I am so happy and grateful we’re able to bring another episode, this episode is genuinely one of our most introspective episodes and I feel it is our best conversation to date. Talking about things as personal we do, we came together and decided to speak about ourselves and the roles we play in each other’s lives as well as our families and what that means when you’re the creative of the family.

We kicked it off talking about how our weeks went Tyler has got a new job and is exploring new territories in his life, while I see this we speak on what these new factors involved, when we speak on #30DBC and all that it took Tyler to accomplish what he did and having it stop so abruptly having to get to the real reasons that happened and how we’ll be about to move forward from it.

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Our conversation was really deep and centered around family a lot as well as relationships which was really the expanded conversation of the last part of our previous podcast speaking on our Relationship with Family and Community because to be really real if we’re going to be leaders, win or lose, we have to accept what comes at us. I used to speak of Damocles a lot it’s important to not here, we wear the crown because we bear the responsibility.

Responsibility to ourselves and responsibility to the people around us and how much of that we take on the chin. As a leader I put the weight and success of all others on myself because I’m sure I can take it but there are some people who I shouldn’t be taking responsibility for because they aren’t my friends and I have to know the difference.

When we speak on responsibility family and success and whether or not we choose to be a leader for others all things all people want must be congruent and there should be a ways you can take someone’s success under your wing as I see it. How though, how competent do any of us feel to shoulder that responsibility because there are so many things you got to learn to get to that stage the little and important lessons of dealing with people

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