Hello Comrades

Its either the energy of PrimeNYT I got going on but I really didn’t expect us to be going off like this on our recent episode, like for real… My families success is my success and breaking that down for the people and going on about being open and striving and hustling and how we sometimes fall short but as men have to find a way to get back up.

These are the codes…

Responsibility to ourselves and responsibility to the people around us and how much of that we take on the chin. As a leader I put the weight and success of all others on myself because I’m sure I can take it but there are some people who I shouldn’t be taking responsibility for because they aren’t my friends and I have to know the difference.

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When we speak on responsibility family and success and whether or not we choose to be a leader for others all things all people want must be congruent and there should be a ways you can take someone’s success under your wing as I see it. How though, how competent do any of us feel to shoulder that responsibility because there are so many things you got to learn to get to that stage the little and important lessons of dealing with people

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