Bless up from your feet to your head top

we go again,

I am one simple man. I do what I can

Pain of passion, life writhe with despair and torment and the speck of hope life offers is stripped from them; For the sake of others… those who offer true escape are the only ones who can’t escape their own because almighty good has to be paired with a big bad to exist. That’s the pain of passion

When I give and give and get nothing back the emptiness goes on there is no time to take or love to have because the offer is too weak to accept and the thyth is so heavy to pay it you must look in the darkness and pick one person after the other out and in exchange thanks is pitiful and what the universe offers in return is tuppence to the energy expended the time sacrificed and the suffering lived through.

What is there really what time, what energy, what sustenance can be given for the things one man can live through that is unmatched by others. All worldly escapes are poisonous and all Godly rewards are honorary so why should one man ask of something he never sought relief from, why should one man look for release in something that is outside of him.

when I wrote Pain of passion, I was in a serious place. It was also one of the first time I wrote an idea down I was feeling fresh from my head to the page. Now it’s a milestone, I had more ideas but that one done something.

Fast forward early January 2019 I lived through trauma once again but only now I decided to write about it. The best good I can do through life wrought with despair and torment is offer the speck of hope in life where I had none. It was stripped from me but I lived so I live for the sake of others… to those that seek some sort of refuge.

The game I play by myself in this world can only be called forgiveness and freedom what wonderment it offers those around me and how long can I be tied to it’s tether. I ask myself that daily I receive no answers but the gifts I expend I can’t run away from.

To work for my solemn gain is to work selfishly and it’s not in my spirit to do so. I work for others as a symptom of the contract on my life and that is tied by blood and the only way to break it is death, all alone in my mission but around those who could only take and never help daily, encased in the prism of perspective unable to touch unable to take and I have to be okay.

The full education is in can I withstand what I learn about myself in my 20’s to even live through to see the fruits of my bargain. What a beautiful conundrum

Stay composed and keep your neck up


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