Bless Up from your feet to your head top

We go again,

I am honestly thankful for God showing me my writing can mean something and I thank myself for making that shift and accepting it fully.

Beginning of 2019 I was supposed to be writing some fashion blogs for fun while working on my architecture and technology portfolio for university.

Then tragedy struck and I was stuck in the terror and torment of my mind and in the following six months I would despair in my mind contemplating my own mortality again. Just as when I was a kid and learned the mortality of a Sickle Cell Patient changing my work ethic forever not letting anything dim my light but knowing there was part of me that was for sure living in that terror.

I took my time and I knew I didn’t want to hate myself I didn’t want to feel like I did when I was a kid again, I wanted to be strong – so I put my feelings on the page and I would write and write and write until I was done – I shared some of my writing to one or two people; one thing led to another and I said to myself I will release these works for others to read.

My fashion writing would continue as supplementary works to take my mind off the everlasting pain and despair on the pages that I wrote on. In tandem for months I was hearing about so many asinine blogs and ideas on Sickle Cell much like the ones that made me feel less like a human when I was a kid so these people forced me to make Sickle Cell Companion share some real science and part of some of the research that I’ve have in the tuck onto my blog too. In conjunction with my fashion blogs this has led to massive growth within me.

Now I have hundreds of pieces of content dedicated to storytelling & research both passions of mine. Exposing to the people how the world is dissected through my lens and the story’s I’m able to tell. I had no idea I have so much to say and this is only the start because we haven’t even scratched the surface of what I know know what I’m capable of. All the while in the greatest working moments of my life I fall out with “friends” for none other reason than I lied to myself about us being so close. So no woe is me moment.

All the stories I want to tell and share on this site will be absolutely amazing I like the way I am able to make people feel with these and knowing people really do feel when they read what I write is an amazing blessing I wouldn’t have seen if God didn’t say walk and I followed the instructions. The shift I made was slight but my commitment to the work I’ve done is so immense that suddenly other things become secondary.

I am so happy and grateful for all I have accomplished in this small time, I’ve had some fun in this painful time. The pain rarely passes and hopefully the fun won’t either.

Stay composed and keep your neck up


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