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We go again,

It’s been a minute since I have off a fashion blog you can all take away for the upcoming season my last blog about orange not only blew up but it showed out and black people everywhere respect orange as a colour to wear.

Even with the patterns all summer and the co-ords outfits I’m cool with I don’t have time for the neon, ghastly 🤧. We have better colours and prints, but people do what they want, I just want to add what I like to see which is green, my two cents

Winters coming and I been thinking about what’s a great colour for us to wear and I see green coming back; olive, meadow and forest green. The greens that we been wearing and will never go away

I see it as a fun colour but it can also be serious and casual, hoodies, trench coats are my obvious fave, for outer wear and chilling doing whatever what you want even if it’s a nice clover green accessory but I just like the deepness and richness about forest green.

I see us bringing green in it’s emphasises the nature of new life green is go, green is nature, green is the great neutral for all skin tones. Not just that we are entering a new spring with The Culture of the 20’s. Going green means it’s go time, it’s really putting out a statement hollering out at the readiness of new beginnings in a humble way.

Forget about abhorrent slime green never liked it or the snake patter green there’s no more need for all of that there’s enough green out there before heading to neon please. We got this….


You can put your green together with some grey or black or white, this can be with a signature piece and make the green pop more.

if you want to explore colours you can pair it with tan gum, clay and chalk colours if you want the muted look which I also see being a glorious winter look

I can’t wait for green all end of summer and fall through to January

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