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We go again

I love creps since I was a little one and got my first aid forces, I remember walk-in on the road with my bros in our fresh huaraches and those cherished moments doing the dash in a new pair of creps before buying them, conversely doing the duck walk in order to not crease the patent leather.

In my earlier years I was known even as too hard to buy for because I know what I like and I like it pricy, which got me the name ‘designer designer’. One I wear with honour now because I honour the artists that make what I wear and the masterful craftsmanship at play.

However in this day and age I had no idea I would be writing blogs, and articles for sneakers and quite frankly I don’t want to buy every pair. But I would love to be able to review everything properly and for that I need to wear them.

In comes my need to borrow pairs for a day or lease them to get a feel of them to really inspect the sole tooling and stitch work Among other things you can’t see in images.

If there is anyone out there stylist or buyer or dead-stockist, retailer, seller or archivist or someone with a job title I don’t know yet, if you find my articles enjoyable please lend me pairs of new drops I find pleasing so I can write better articles. You will 100% be named if you want and your store or website promoted because the love needs to be shared

These are going to be a new style of blog though, want to wear creps that are good enough to put on feet stay tuned.

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