Bless Up from your feet to your head top

We go again,

As I write this I am probably the angriest I’ve been in a long time and it has nothing to do with me or what I have done but the way people act. It’s at the conversion of two distinctly terrible ideals people hold. The abuse that I have suffered is very very hard for me to to let go of or redistribute. These two things are the abuse of the law of use, and the terrible pride people take on when they’re in the wrong

The terrible way which people conduct themselves around me and their inability to act on the correct sentiment.

No one is perfect and that’s okay – God is working on all of us – what I can’t stand is people’s refusal to accept their own shortcomings in a timely manner, you have wronged someone in a very terrible and abhorrent way. What you need to do is say sorry immediately. Some people really have no respect. Not put on aires about your action and pretend you don’t know what you done was wrong. It was wrong, you hurt someone of meaning to you and the LEAST, Bare MINIMUM you can do is apologise. people will take months and years to fortify their spirit to apologise to me. Not even so I can feel good (as they would know it takes me a week to be completely over something) but so they can come to terms within themselves. Im actually sick to my stomach when I think of the further abuse of character this displays… I can be sure that person hasn’t changed…

what a terrible state of affairs…

The other is people will not respect what I have done for them. Put simply I have put in work for people and they were unable to respect the vision of greatness within themselves that I allowed to see. I let them see something in themselves that they did not know was there and they will turn and wrong me with the same energy I showed them they possess.

What a terrible state of affairs. How after 26 years am I able to trust people to my sacred inner circle when this is the terror I’ve suffered. No respect, it’s clear cut that these people had no respect for me now I have a personal decision to Make and it will change my life forever.

All I have ever wanted was for everyone around me to be great and fulfil their greatness and life’s purpose within them. All I have wanted. Should I feel shame that I have allowed myself to be used this way. Disrespected and tossed asunder. Why? Because I am good wholesome and friendly.

I have seen sin my whole life people treat others this way and really these things are water off my back but to know people with characters so gully will treat others this way.

Now here I am left with all the negative toxic, waste energy they bought back having to transform it into neutral energy because that’s who I am. I can’t see myself shouting down someone for bringing me such pain and chaos energy. I am left exposed this is the true test of my character, how I choose to proceed from here will show who I really am as a Man.

What an impasse, what a junction in life to be at. I’m so calm right now. I can’t see myself being any other way than how I really am which is my way

There’s a real equation I’m noticing here. Something I’ve never seen before. This really is a me thing and I need to be better on not taking on peoples chaos energy too much of it will turn me ill and I cannot stand for that, I must stand against those that transmit chaos energy; their negative energy is not something we need or want it is something we must give back

Stay composed and keep your neck up


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