#PrimeNYT Culture And Camaraderie Podcast Episode 9: Perfect Presence (@camaraderiepod)

We Go Again,

I love this conversation Tyler and I had talking about life culture art business and tech. While I spoke on my obligation to people that are like me. Accepting that responsibility allows you to mitigate the future circumstances form happening because you can’t expect people care as much as you do. its a terrible shame however you do what you must.

This really bought us to a great point of being our best selves when working with other people in our field. Where I am allowed to be my best self and they can be there’s and the trust that goes into that.

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I talk about how I engage and focus totally at the point in hand. Live right now, today. as I say it, Also the idea off respecting the job you have in front of you so you can have others respect the job, your skill level, your space required and you can respect them just as well

There’s a strong conversation about fashion masculinity and the codes that concern those things and much more

Whatever Moves Your Dial

Damilare Not Your Typical

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