Hello Comrades,

I love this conversation Tyler and I had talking about life culture art business and tech.

Here we are on the Tenth episode a day before my birthday, a seminal episode, double digits. Tyvarious and Damedici, we discuss what was on my mind this week and what is really going on with #PrimeNYT it is a joyous occasion for real.

Damilare cares about what you feel about what you do, not a perspective shared by the majority but one that makes him know what he has to do as a human.

He places himself as a representation of the have nots who will get. And he has to get for theres no other way what he wants to be accomplished can be done. If a Man Like Him can win everyone can find it in them to win.

Theres no extra money he has, No extra time, remedial funds and 90% sacrifice of all social life and health for amazing work to be put out.


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He feels he has much much more left in his reserve but can’t access it due to health reasons. So learn your luxuries, normalcy is a luxury, success with an average skill level is a luxury, not liking someone is a Luxury.

We have to be grateful for what we have and want it to keep going and want the extraordinary people to push it further. Not be bitter because someone is better than you but know that is the lay of the land as a person on earth. Continue bettering yourself and your locale for a better tomorrow.

One striking thought is Damilare is not a normal human he suffers from a health condition so he has to live life a certain way. In that he uses himself as the human case study that you can achieve all you want in this society if you just think and try and having him around is one true variable that proves it to be true. He is the stress test that our generation can be more than we are.

Whatever Moves Your Dial

Damilare. Not Your Typical

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