NYT Style: Bring Back the Balaclava #PrimeNYT

Bless up from your feet to your head top

We Go Again,

I have been thinking this for the past two years, I remember when football tops weren’t in and I wanted to make one then footballs tops were in and now it will look like I’m copying. But still I’m down to tell a story.

The time was 1999 I was in school learning while and there was this book about a kid and he wanted a balaclava I wanted one but then Damilola Taylor died. A death that changed my life and how we were perceived on ends. We were persecuted for even wearing hoodies let alone a balaclava which is a calm accessory in my humble opinion.

I’ve always loved headwear, not a big fan of putting a hood on my head, too many triggering memories of white people. But I still will put my hood over my SnapBack or fitted, which is a look.

More to the point, a balaclava is the ultimate in winter wear, anything that can cover your head and neck at once is my fave I like that type stuff it’s really just super functional which is a baseline for my dress.

I don’t care what anyone thinks anymore to be honest I am grown and if I want to wear a balaclava or a babushka or a hood hat I’m down to do that, balaclavas are my favourite winter accessory right now

I see colourful and playful balaclavas all over the streets of London during winter as a thing because not only are they functional they can be stylish if you’re styling on them you see me.

Whatever Moves Your Dial

Damilare. Not Your Typical

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