Hello Comrades,

I love this conversation Tyler and I had talking about life culture art business and tech.

We talk aboutthe Top Boy series that has come out, also about the BAFTAs and Golden Globes it should win for best drama but really more about the essence of the show and what it does for creatives all over the UK who live the culture its representing seeing themselves depicted on screen and allowing people to think they can do it too.

Without Top Boy being what it is and made in the way it is there are so many other things that come into play and I just say a big thank you to Ashley Walters for all he’s done for creatives in Film and TV.

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This bought us to talk about story and world building and what it is that brings depth to TV shows, what it means when you see black men on TV and how you care or should care about their character but seriously about the real world parallels between whatever is happening on road and what happens in corporate life, its just that doing road is the only option for certain people to feed their families; that life is just illegal but what they go through very much happens in legal settings.

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