bless up from your feet to your head top.

We go Again,


this right here is a solid piece of art and greatly done by Cass Hirst, some of you may know Damian Hirst well his son is into sneakers and this one right here was inspired by Virgil and we’re here for it.

Although this trainer is priced at $1000 so it wont be seeing me at the 2020 release so I won’t spend too much time on it, it’s a piece of art done right.

PNG image 5.png

You have a classic canvas and you have to put your mark on it. The colour-way is fantabulous, eye catching and has crazy fabrication detailing.

I can’t dislike it, it is properly well done and I am not just saying that because I used Damian Hirst and inspiration for a couple school projects. He really had skill in this.

PNG image 6.pngI don’t even see this as something to wear it looks like something to have, maybe it’s just the way it was prepositioned to me but it’s enticing enough to have and not wear because once you get a crease in these joints that’s it.


Would have to take special precautions just to take this outside. Crep protect, toe crease guard maybe even a sneakerdom who knows.

I want it and would totally construct an outfit round it. I’m ready for the offering.

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