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We Go Again,

Do people know they can be an artist without being a celebrity and full blown tour entertainer ?

If your role in life is artist you should be very happy with being able to live off the land travel and be a human person not bonded by the prism of how we should be.

Isn’t being an artist not needing to be held by the standard of economics people think they should live by.

I’d go as far to say you would be very being a bum (by social standards) than having to conform to social and economic norms, because you are very happy producing art

This ideal goes the same for soldier, policeman, teacher, fireman, social activist And everyone else who lives by a moralistic standard and not economic one

Certain jobs don’t arise for economic purposes they derive value from how they feed you as a person and come from core beliefs and principle… The only question is how far are you willing to go for those?

This is not one of those times where I say “maybe I’m the weird one” . This is truly the understanding of living by a standard of morals and upholding principles of it than succumbing to economic ideologues who say ‘… should get paid more than footballers’

These professions aren’t about the money they are about the principle and by principle economics does not dictate how good this person is at their job


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