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We go again

I am sitting here, it’s 6am and I haven’t slept. I am toiling away at my next big campaign I’ve got to get done for black history month and find myself in a bind. Stuck between the ideal ‘if you can get it done now don’t wait till tomorrow’ & ‘don’t steal from your future self.’…

I am wondering how much sleep am I stealing from my future self who has to get a podcast done and how much of the work that needs to get done should I do now so I feel comfortable to go to bed? And is it even reasonable to be up at this time and will I be giving 100% although I got struck with a concept at this time I want to execute and not lose the spark to do it.

The point is dealing with the things you’ve got in front of you as they need to be done. I have given it to myself, yes. I’m going to lose a lot of sleep, yes it’s for a just cause and yes I’m okay with it.

That being said what can I give to you all right now. Is my understanding of Grinding and hacking,


This is the understand of task managing and project execution. It’s my big boy idea of scope and point execution. Hacking would be considered doing a blog like this

It’s about giving yourself those points of reference to complete something to help your business move so you hack away at those big monthly and yearly goals with force and speed.

The point isn’t just about order of magnitude, to me most tasks demand the same urgency. This is about actionable items that would put money in your pocket or expand your base. The point is to have done all your big concepts so you alleviate the pressure of performance.

When you hack away at big concepts by chopping off a steak like substance or cutting a log of wood like a lumberjack you can move on to the more finesse type jobs.


This is where we get grinding the menial day to day minutia. This is just as important as hacking away at a big idea this is format and creating structure as well as admin and dissemination. Real labour of love work.

Grinding is something like doing the cover art for a blog like this, rereading the article posting it at the right time and sharing it on all social platforms so people see it as well as doing the copy. All massive jobs, without the hacking I’d be unable to perform at this level.

Once you have things like the big concept sorted the presentation is everything. I will use all my skill to present any blog article that I do right. Curating my content is so important. Much again like the lumberjack, once you cut down the tree you have to remove the bark and if you want to make paper you have to transport it to the mill. Grinding

Grinding is meant to be day by day while hacking should be a bi weekly or monthly thing structured in a way that proposes synergy and order. You give each type a purpose and you can create a workflow best suited to you as to know you’re not scrambling. What you want is the ability to create order and streamline your process it’s not about the individual pieces but how they serve the whole when you remove order of magnitude you introduce performance pieces where each moving part has a purpose.

I hope you get that.

Stay composed and keep your neck up

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