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Bless up from your feet to your head top

We go again

I’ve recently had a vision of me in my durag doing my thing and finishing deals with my hoodie and durag. For some reason that’s an image to me, I remember in 2016/17 no one was wearing durags even further back, 2002 I remember my first durag, baby blue silky. My brothers would laugh at me, nothing different with 2016

I said to myself if imma do my hair up and cut it all off I will wear a durag and generally it was with the intention of bringing the durag back, I would wear a durag everyday everywhere I went and by 2018 everyone was wearing Durags

My brothers told me I looked like a felon, I looked like Tyrone, wondering why would leave the house wearing a durag. This is 2016, no one knew what I was on even my nephew had some stuff to say.

I will tell you this, I don’t care about the negative stereotypes of the durag it’s one of my favourite accessories and I flourish wearing one, like I’ve said I like wearing headwear, durag included. A durag is like a ritual, my Karate kid bandana, my durag does something whenever I put it on.

I would rock it round London got looks and stares from the kids for a good couple months but I say this, by summer durags started popping up on others heads including my brothers now.

I’m not saying people don’t think Negative things when I wear my durag or other kids don’t it’s the fact no one cares the point of the game is to be myself and myself a lot of the time is me in my hoodie and durag.

I’m comfortable and my comfort is my luxury being myself means much more than what anyone else thinks.

That’s what I have to say about that

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