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As I release my book and reflect on the 200 articles I’ve wrote this year I think back to the paralysing thoughts I would have as a young artist. The thoughts of perfectionism and my lack of belief in a product. I see how far I’ve come with my most recent iteration of my philosophy Grinding and Hacking — it has nothing to do with perfectionism even in more recent times I’ve not spoke about doing the perfect piece of art I talk about working to your highest level. And part of elite mentality and being a high performer is just that.

Do Your Best at the Level You’re at

It derives from knowing that you are indeed good enough and the level of work you’re doing is great and it’s to a substantial level where you understand what makes a piece of work great under your lens, don’t work to the level you see out there work to the best level you know you have in this moment and because you have it your all etch that into society and show it off because no matter what anyone says you should be proud of what you done for you. This way you can have the position to look back at what you gave the world in finished work and not what you gave yourself in the headache of perfectionism.

Break away from Perfectionism

You see I was a serial perfectionist. Then I was a minimal effort guy when it came to producing. I didn’t care about putting out work or my own personal success (for many reasons) but when I decided I wanted to live great and produce great work, I started putting out work with my best efforts.

That brings me today where I have indeed tried my best out my best efforts out there in totality with all my skills from creating to promoting & aesthetics of campaign I have marked what my level is today.

I’ve left very little on the table in terms of quality and quantity so now it’s time to carry that level on at least, draw in more people and make more great things because I can. It’s my obligation and duty and I am very dedicated to the pursuit of this.

I’m here today as a man who has a book and a website full of theories and thesis’, a catalogue made for longevity and not immediate gratification as that’s what my principles call for.

I’m here for more

I hope you get that.

Stay composed and keep your neck up

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