We go again,

Recently I had a revelation and that revelation can’t be explained outside context and that context comes in a question — That question is; who do you want to be?

I asked myself this question for a short amount of time (Macro). It took me months to wrap my head round who I wanted to be it took me months. Not to plan my life or how I want to make money or what job I want. Those are still being understood, what I really ended up doing for years was asking myself who I wanted to be.

I knew this question was important because I have earned enough money/ known I can make a commission of my skills/ get a contract and I’ve gained enough notoriety and fame to where people knew me for one thing and in all of that I never felt whole.

I’ve come to find out I had to ask myself who do I want to be. I was blessed with gifts and an amazing talent which has earned me many creative skill which means I earned choice and the thing with choice is when you have to much life can get tricky when you’re starting out because you know no matter what you can always find another way. However to really win in life you need to make a choice within your options, and I have an abundance of options to choose from which opens doors for me but that doesn’t always means those opportunities are mine.

I have never felt good doing just anything and making money in “whatever way I can”. I have always been intentional and wanted to live my life on purpose. I have the intense ability to work hard and work a lot that isn’t the case for everyone but for me it meant these choices were not all the way positive because if I’m someone that lives life on purpose I have to make the decision and choose who I want to be. So I asked myself who do I want to be and make the decision.

What I learned in my abundance of opportunities because of my skill is that not every opportunity is right for me and I had to give myself a guiding philosophy and live by principles that made sense for what I wanted to engage in long term. These philosophies and principle came from all the questions I asked myself for years on end in order to truly gauge what really matters, as when I found out what mattered I found my purpose and when I found my purpose I truly distinguished myself as someone who knew what they were doing.

You see it’s not the statement of me living life on purpose that’s the key it’s my principles as a humans I created in determining what I want to do with my life that bought me to the answer of the question “who do I want to be”. I find no matter who you are if you find the answer to that you will live a more meaningful life, not an easier one or a more fun one more meaningful because you were a better person.

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