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This weeks episode of the podcast was one of reflection and accountability Tyler and Damilare Discuss their Future as the Decade ends while reflecting on the past works they’ve done and what they’ve achieved and fall short in.

Kicking it off. Damilare had his Book Launch on Sunday. Where they celebrated the coming of his company and the pre sale of the book

For The Ebook


After that Damilare wanted to drive the point of posterity and dealing with documentation a theme that ran through the conversation another thing that ran through the conversation is belief, in self and in the people around you, the people who want to help you and those that support you

Damilare bought up the times he ahas been peeved and frustrated with the nature of artist around him where all they want to do is use for skill and execution or as a crutch of fandom and not share in the energy of humanity. Tyler chimed in and said its to be expected In a way and that artists all over and people in general will use you before they care about you. All things considered Its not in Damilare Nature to think about that and

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Further on in the coversation Tyler talks on his thoughts of wanting to discard the past and what is really bugging him is the ideas he tells himself around other people and how they will view his art wanting to create in a particular way and judging himself for it.
The Two also talk about The Ecosystem Damilare has really Big plans for the future that he wants nothing to get in the way of creating greatness for everyone in the UK that its really too early to ever be against each other and act like about how much success they can bring about and how they can be pushing the culture forward no-one has times for enemies
This is just a taster of the small convos that fog on during the Podcast tune in for more of the in depth thought provoking discussions.

Whatever Moves Your Dial

Damilare Not Your Typical

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