Bless up from your feet to your head top

We go again

I seen not only my influence but people round me coming into their own when it comes to style I push the boundaries a lot super far out to be honest with you and the space below that people like to explore

So here’s a couple tips for when you’re new to the overwhelming nature of online shopping.

If My style philosophy is finding yourself this is finding your clothes.

Your first outfit

So many people know that feeling of the first outfit when they pair a top and bottoms or match their hat or hood with their sneakers and that feeling of successfully overcoming that hurdle.

That’s what you want to do match your top to your bottoms or to your creps. Do that and you will see the fate in-front of you.

That being said matching and coordinating is pre style fundamentals which will come next.

Shop by style, then fit

What you want to do next is pick a pattern or colour block, what that means is you look at the colours or print or pattern of the top or bottoms and coordinate them.

If you got a flowery shirt look at the colour of the flower shirt then pick one of those colours and after find a bottoms with that colour it’s the same thing if it’s a stripe top or print

If there’s pink on the top match that pink with your creps

The fit

Now you got colour blocking and matching the next thing you want to do is look for a fit, so do you want a muscle fit, something oversized or regular fit are your jeans skinny or slim.

At this point when you’re matching the fit is to add emphasis to your body or match your location. If you’re allowed to be comfortable you can go oversized if it’s not formal you go regular or slim if you out to party and want to accentuate your body parts you buy something body con or muscle fit

Editors Note:

Remember this is online and the natural progression of your online shop, when you’re looking to build an outfit you think about the space you’ll possibly wear it in the functional space the outfit works in.

You have to know all these things work in tandem, space function use and versatility

Now peep your silhouette

Now you have the clothes you can deal with the highs and lows when you have the fit. Oversized shirt with skinny pant leg, bodicon top with slim pant leg or shorts with vest or regular fit pant leg as chunky shoes.

You are now working the outfit and messing around with shape colour style and fit. These are all the natural things you think about when dealing with a full outfit and the amount of things you can do and ways you can stretch an outfit and tell a story

These are things we’ll deal with when talking about adopting style and not just wearing clothes for brand and face

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