Bless up from your feet to you head top keep your neck up

we go again,

I have been preaching the Renaissance for an extraordinary amount of time now. This period where black people have the power to create more and articulate our feelings.

We’re in a time where black people are the most educated and literate (in the English language & educational system ) we have ever been in this post slavery era. I’m of the belief that kids in 100 years will look back at this time and truly wish they were born now so they can live through what we’re doing and making with their own eyes. Who knows maybe technology will be invented so someone can do that in 100 year.

For now we live in the great distribution the age where information is shared at light speed through time and space in a network that is connecting us and allowing us to mobilise ourselves.

In this great age where information is so openly, I found this void that made me scared angry and shift how I move all at once. I was shown the lack of black history written by black hands for the past 400 years. Not just in America where it was restricted, I researched major parts of Africa and India to discover a lack of history that wasn’t verified by white sources; see what I noticed is something very coded & I have this incredibly visceral need to be wrong. I noticed black history is not well documented to the level of any other history prior to 1960.

What does this mean in the age of the great distribution? Black history is being made today. Quite a very, literal and practical practice of diligence and tact is needed in this day and age of the portrayal of the black image it must be defended, held to the highest standard and pushed forward with purpose.

Something I discovered in my research of Nigeria is that we own nothing. Not even our name is ours, Nigeria and Lagos are Portuguese words so I am invoking my coloniser every time I say I am from this land.

The contract that is made by English speakers in the west is you know exactly where I am talking about when I call myself a black, Nigerian it is saying you know where I am from and the history attached. But what happens when this history is not history it’s arbitrage created by someone who wanted power over you and as you invoke names that aren’t of your original tongue you are keeping that thought alive day by day. (This is with no sauce, the psychology of self talk and epigenetics & Stockholm syndrome is well documented) this game is wider than the scope of my vision and I feel we are going to need some time during this post slavery era.

When I said we are making BLACK HISTORY it was no stretch of the imagination black history and the black word and black power and black dignity is younger than my grandparents. Those of us whom are called millennials have the luxury of being far enough away our psyche grew differently but close enough to not repeat the mistakes of the past.

I see the light the light in all of us gaining favour in our respected industry and Doug great works; artist being able to show off their true abilities; making something totally new because it’s necessary. It’s necessary, the good work that is done for the next 40 years is necessary and it needs millennials to guide it with our greatness. Before we pass the baton we need this following 40 years to be filled with the dignity of the civil rights activists and the excellence of the elite working class.

I am ready for all the greatness ready to come to the way of us that attract it to us and those of us that tear it from those who stole our past

Stay composed and keep your neck up


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