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Hello Comrades, this is the coming of the 14 episode of the Culture and Camaraderie podcast with Tyler as (@Lax_Era) and Damilare (@nytypical). The conversation here stemmed from our take on my book launch having it just released and all the meanings behind it wanting to quit and cancelling the event but knowing the driving force was the meaning behind the book and the ripple effect it would have it made me know the book needed to be released.

Which bought about the question of the Podcast Part ‘will you let someone earn of your companies IP?’ … We talk about the difference copying and creating when using story. The thoughts and opinions of a maker when copying and if that really is an artist.. What is the purpose of us making if we don’t have a solid world view? We give our thoughts on these questions and much more this week

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we had a Big conversation of counterfeit cultureand all the aspects of people taking ideas that aren’t there’s and passing them off as their own. It is less than the artist thing to do and more of the worker and their thing to do. Is there envy jealousy or are we forced to see it all as flattery. Theres a big conversation here when discussing people who build from scratch and get stolen from what should be the ramifications of that? AND MUCH MUCH MORE!!!

If you have any answers to these questions feel free to comment here or the Youtube.


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