bless up from your feet to your head top.

We go Again,

ECBGDnOXsAA8CrM.jpgPNG image 4.png

I have adored these trainers for so long that nothing has changed. They might be my personal favourite for Sneaker of the year that’s the LDV Waffle.

What a trainer inspiring me to break the formal silhouette, genuinely in my design inspiration for soles have broke the normal silhouette but not confidently this LDV Waffle is the magnet that said yes I am this I love it, if not just for the brazen silhouette alone.

PNG image.pngPNG image 8.png

Then came the Blazer running with texture and layering cross colours and contrasting in such a magnificent way. It didn’t need to break the silhouette this time because the detailing was just so superb.

ECBGDnWX4AAPsf1.jpg PNG image 10.png

I knew little of Sacai before the collab now they have me thinking and wanting to know more. I hope this isn’t a one time thing and if it is I’m very grateful to have witnessed both pair.

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