Black Renaissance: Future History #PrimeNYT

Bless Up from your feet to your head top

We go again

I am of the pure belief that our generation is creating history. Why does everything feels so new and so fresh? My thesis for this is because we are the first ones of a breed who are able to read, simply this is the first time an abundance of black youth have been able to read and this number is only going to expand exponentially.

We also have the luxury of time and space to build our own authority with new platforms and democracy of information we’re able to create ecosystems for us to succeed in the economy. I also believe we are inventing a new road of scaling through the ranks and for the few chosen and initiated they are uplifted by their ecosystem making their light shine brighter.

It’s not further than the generation prior where these peoples parents did not read or have the average college education. So this is really a prosperous and luxurious time. Much of what I see in the future is the understanding that whatever we do now will have direct ramifications to our grand-youth. That youth will look back to this time and see all the positive things we do and wish they were around during this time, we are approaching the golden age; the twenties will be the start and defining time.

With this black history month I want to shine light on a lot of my peers who live in their own ecosystem or are takin advantage of the time, much of my character is I only need to see it once and I’m going to give you a little under 20 examples of black people thriving within and without the current system/ made their own ecosystem/ taking advantage of all the pro black sentiment going on.

I see us reaching a convergence very soon and the singularity will be culture uplifting. Being the beacon of excellence in the Renaissance of youth that will be our thirties in the twenties. The twenties will be a very real time for us and I’m takin a bet on the positive, overlooking all the negative and taking in everything good about us starting with these brands and businesses which are only a few of hundreds and are really only centred around US UK diaspora. This Renaissance is not exclusive to this area this Renaissance is worldwide I see amazing things happening in Nigeria and Ghana as well as South Africa/ Zim area. All of which will be spoken about.

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