#PrimeNYT Culture And Camaraderie Podcast Ep 14: How To Operate (@camaraderiepod)

Hello Comrades

This is the coming of the Fourteen episode of the culture and Camaraderie podcast with Tyler as Tyvarious and myself Damedici. We go on a journey of a pox surrounding the purpose of speech and doing

Which bought about the question of the Podcast

how do you let other people’s opinions effect your work

My opinion was not much as they won’t have a plan for after or a well planned idea dedicated to the opinion put forth. Everything said is mostly fly by night ideas that have no bearing on going anywhere but want to be heard as viable options of opinions.

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We talk about the difference of thinking big and working towards things outside of these opinions. How you should construct an overall vision create a world/universe and run with that and give people work from a place constructed by your thoughts and feelings of the world through the lens of your guiding philosophy of creating. If that is solid then other people’s opinions won’t effect you as much if you know what you’re doing.

I am enthralled by the idea of taking ideas and expounding on them creating a greater idea of the stories we tell and the characters that are out there


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