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Something really near and dear to my heart, when it comes to business, pure business. I think of two things; finance and tech. Being able to make investment based on future projections and being able to create new platforms and systems based on what people need. It’s all a matter of platforming the right ideas and advancing the human race so the remedial things don’t need to be thought about as much and the tasking things can be simpler & automated.

The point of human advancement is technology, smarts, cerebral thoughts and making them things. How can we preserve food smoke and salt all the way to now where food is sourced and farmed within hours.

These things are Uber important and there are certain people who have thrown their hat in the ring to say that now is the time & I’m going to be the example for people to follow. I’ve picked a couple of people with an array of skills and specialities. These are a couple who I think have potential to be around for quite sometime and a couple principles that I hold near and dear.

Jaden Smith

I have been tracking this mans movements since he was 14 or so, I regard him as one of the free black men we have. Being born as a household name this young man has carved his own lane, separate but part of his family dynasty and although we were born apart he is the link between a freedom we should all have.

A young Jaden done 2 things that caught my eye, created a water company and created an album named SYRE,

The water company (Just Water) creates fully recyclable water bottles a simple and effective idea from the early days of the go green initiative. He saw a problem from early and he filled the need, something I saw in myself. When I was just a boy I saw how easy it was to recycle so I started to do so and have been doin so since. Now this man as a teen created a company with the desire to remove plastic from the pipeline of single use items.

His Album (SYRE) was a paramount album that showed me where his head was at by the subject matter he chose, he showed he was clued in and detailed his understanding. He made a quartet called BLUE which was such an intro to have in an album and showed his seriousness to music which I appreciated. It made us know he wasn’t just a rich kid making music but he had something to speak on, he has a message and spoke to the unspoken

Those foundation this man has tells me he will be part of the establishment and seen as a statesman in the coming times

Harlem Capital

The company born out of necessity, some of us in the house know there’s not many of us out there (in terms of black folk) therefore for the most part we lack the access necessary to create a significant change. This company is starting to become a sort of bridge between the those that need and those that don’t know.

The young men in Harlem Capital are among themselves known and branding themselves well within reason to show to the qualified companies they are there if needs be. Tech is a big deal to HC having a stake in Blavity and all but it’s Business, they invest in businesses that need that bump extra cashflow liquidity or their experienced minds to see things they haven’t seen.

The young men John Henry, Henri P. Jacques, Jarrid Tingle & Brandon Bryant come from different backgrounds of different experience types and levels and together create a hive mind called Harlem Capital where their understanding of different sectors have made a good number of their investments worthwhile and have awarded them a spot on the coveted Forbes 30under30 list.

Their New Money has got them notoriety and it’s not everyday an investment company WANTS attention but it’s necessary to lift their light for them to be a beacon in the community, their visibility let’s,

  • people know they’re real
  • People know their success is achievable
  • A company of their kind can work
  • There are people willing to serve the underserved
  • Let people who want to do what their doing have an example good or bad

With those points Harlem Capitals frontmen John and Brandon continue to Brand their company effectively, getting them attention and their effectiveness has attracted old money to their company in the form of TPG Global, a company invisible to me till recent but their portfolio speaks for itself. I can’t get my head round the aristocracy of it all, I really want to see where this partnership ends up in 20 years but for now, as we approach the Twenties Harlem Capital are aiming high.

Iddris Sandu

This young man started early by happenstance and he had a great story to tell working for multiple Silicon Valley companies he created an expertise and initiative making him a high prize in the tech game. His story is still quite new and just like many of us still growing into the role of leadership but listening talking about his company co-sign after he got the Nipsey Hussle Co-Sign it will be good to see everything that he does with this attention.

Tristan Walker

Someone I’ve been following since the beginning of my 20’s dream, the awe I felt knowing someone like this exist and how he was really a beacon for innovation to all the people in attendance who aspired to be in tech. Combining a Co-Sign and investment from has and really intrenching themselves in the culture early and focussed on a singular customer building that base and expanding it is great to see that happen.

It is a real thing, my ‘lighthouse theory‘ being the guiding light to those out in the unknown and causing sparks to fly. He was what he was. He did sell part of his company to Proctor and Gamble the same company who own a stake in his supposed main rival Gillette who soon after came up with a razor with a similar message I would like to see where this all comes into full circle. I don’t see the idea of selling to your main rivals company but in the 20’s he will be someone to watch for better or worse.

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