Black Renaissance: Future History — It’s a London thing THE GREAT (british) DIASPORA #PrimeNYT

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Disclaimer. This isn’t the whole of the UK this is only what’s visible to me. I’m sure there are long standing businesses that have been flourishing however you don’t know what you don’t see and hopefully this can be a way to see these people show themselves.

Black British culture is based on diaspora, many of us are from arrivals in the 80’s and 70’s. Even further on I suppose but the majority of entrepreneurship is based on the back of the arrows the old guard took with their inability to succeed because of barriers, the incoming generations of the 80’s also dealt with much of this difficultly and I suppose without the interconnected nature of the internet our generation would have too, but we have created a network of dependence around each other and being able to speak while in comfort has had people come up with ideas of how black British entrepreneurship looks like.

Some people took advantage of this and others took their time away from it and built their own thing without. Both superbly well done. But the network is there and people are flourishing from it which is everything our generation aspired to in the early 10’s.

Here are some of the culturally African Caribbean companies & people in britain that are in my purview. Those that I hope will be around for quite some time.


The local favourite I was introduced to via his tapes dreamers disease and wickedest Skengman. Around Wickedest Skengman 3 stormzy was gaining a reputation of being a shellers, every set was shut down and it was when the Charlie Sloth cypher when he really shone through out of the old era and the youngers and killed it off. After dropping Shut Up which became the UK anthem for sometime along with Skeptas Shut Down.

Stormzy was able to get his name in lights all over Britain, him staying true to himself and not bending to the media has him being a sensation within the culture, outside the music he has his own publishing company for books and scholarships given to black students he stays true to who he is and is a testament to being steadfast in his vision making him a staple in UK culture. This man will continue to shell it down in business and music because that’s just who he is wish him all the best.

Samuel Ross

Founder of A Cold Wall, Samuel Ross is a fashion designer who came up in the same era as me and could be considered my contemporary in a couple regards as we draw from the same influences from what I can see. Those being Raf, Rick, London, Samuel is someone who was ambiguous to me for quite some time only because he was working under Virgil Abloh but soon broke out of his house and became who he is now.

Working off his thesis which is what A-Cold-Wall is and built a successful name off it not just doing fashion but interior architecture and sound design he build a style from his mind to life. Those are things I commend so much because I am doing the exact same.

Krept & Konan

Their relationship in music is so long-standing and dynamic is so powerful it deserves its own blog and this isn’t a music blog. So I will keep this clear, their ventures outside music is what we should behold and who they’re partnering with too. The plain and simple fact they’re exposing people to names, faces & titles we wouldn’t rather know.

The fact this trifecta of Krept & Konan, Urban Financier and J2K. Who all deserve a blog of their own but are all people who deserve research from whoever is reading this anyway. As the point is these 4 gentlemen of the same London but different lives lived have come together in one capacity or another from Krept and Konan’s foundation to their restaurant. I find the idea that these men worked together on an ideal and put their expertise together in different areas and fields to create something harmonious. This is something I want to call rare because I don’t get to see that all the time and knowing that we all are from the same place and from my perspective came up on the same codes , their ventures all became successful because they were themselves and they were able to come to the table humbly and be effective because they each respected where the other came from.

I haven’t a clue if this was purposely done by Krept & Konan, but they deserve a well done and their ability to partner with the right people on different ventures should be commended because it’s not everyone who can do such a thing successfully.


The conglomerate of good friends from west London since 2006 who came together one after the other to build a fashion label made for the streets. Designing for the culture. which is what it’s all about the long-standing brand was built of friendship and co-signed off friendships. No game was played here just natural organic growth that has lead to worldwide recognition after sustaining a level of clean design and catering to the culture with a helping of exclusivity. Many ways especially in recent years a plan akin to supreme take the culture make garments of the culture and continue to feed the beast of exclusivity and fomo

This company really bears some similarity to my life although it happened on the other side of London how they lived and how the company was bought about is akin to what I lived. From the fashion to the events, they tell their own story well so much so that creating something out of London like Trapstar is more viable than anyone thinks and their story can be told simply by following the echo of Trapstars voice but in their own way. Also telling the story of people being able to come together and create something long-standing, hope they continue living that message for many years to come.

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