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In the first segment, Tyler and Damilare delve into psychology and their own experiences with their mental well being and outlook on life. Damilare talks about his personaly study of psychology material, self-help books and the importance of building  a strong self image.
Later on, they expand on their previous discussion of finding a tribe and thinking about what to look for when creating a team of people that you work with and how the influence you hold will shape who you’re associated with.


We accidentally start up a conversation about mental health that had them talking about all sorts of psychology books and self help and wellness books

As an artist you go through the most things in terms of emotional quality it’s usually hard for an artist to talk about their feelings so they work it out by making art pieces. This is magnified when a man is trying to run his business so we ask the question:

 Is seeking someones help really the best route

Damilares answer was very unconventional but it helped him get through everything and he invented his own methodology that he exposes on the podcast

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We continue on our conversation of having people around you working, you need qualified prospects. Not everyone has they, in fact barely anyone has them. In the London art game no one is trying to share their love or wealth with anyone else.

You have to go round creating a clique that’s ready to share and build with you and has your best interest, how do you build though? The question is asked:

Building from the bottom up or top down

Damilare is orientated around sharing and caring which isn’t something that can survive very well in this climate and he takes the blows from it and he Also comes to terms with how different he is and knowing exactly how uncommon his approach is, this doesn’t stop him from trying and continuing to do good works

The conversation took a tangent into being ready where Damilare takes execution so seriously gets it going. Talking about performance and knowing what you can handle making sure you don’t overwhelm yourself trying to be something you’re notn

Learn to conquer the fake you and get better at really producing

As a team we should find meaning in working together whether we are in the same industry or not we should see success in others success and not look to copy their path but emulate their drive and move in your own direction knowing that the way you do your thing is just as worthwhile as them doing theirs as when you come back together and look at what you all have it will be multiplied as you are looking in different places at the same time. Divide and conquer

Damilare. Not Your Typical

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