Bless up from your feet to your head top

We Go Again,


Its all in the name and as you can see there’s so much going on here in terms of texture construction tooling and cobbling. Which is why I picked this shoe

Kai Otoko is new to me but it’s not stopping me highlighting another sneaker designer, he seems really into shapes and angles from the offset and bringing out the most you can get out of every piece of the skin.

Considering this is a leather sneaker the approach to this has to be careful and meticulous in order to not waste and make this look high fashion, simply the upper leather looks supple and not easy to clean but comfortable to have on.

As for the sole I can’t speak on the Inside it really needs a deeper look. But the mid is firm geometric and composed while still keeping the silhouette simple and put together, the high gloss finish helps too

I see if people are in the know these would be a solid alternative to Balenciagas or Valentino’s depending on price point. It’s just a really good looking sneaker, we are from the same school of texture aesthetic maximal form silhouette design so I appreciate these on a different level.

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