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Disclaimer. This isn’t the whole of the UK this is only what’s visible to me. I’m sure there are long standing businesses that have been flourishing however you don’t know what you don’t see and hopefully this can be a way to see these people show themselves.

At this time so much of what I speak about is the culture of Britain and the people who use the information highway to communicate, I feel that in this part I would like to talk about when where and how we congregate. Be where we are, in London there’s a big idea going on; we understand collectivity, connection and a safe spaces;, London didn’t offer for us. so a couple of black 20 something’s so few stepped up to the plate and created functions with quality offerings.

But first.


The marketplace and home where almost all tickets are sold owned by a black business woman on her hustle and well on her way to the top this app served us best when wanting to give a brand these events hosts can trust.


A casual night for people who don’t want to be constrained by the false standards of central London clubs, based somewhere in the north and Shoreditch for a while. Recess made it into my eye-line just by friends who are on Twitter and want to go out however it’s all the way in north so can’t be travelled by me often. It gives you real house party vibes which I enjoy.

Jays Link Up

Jays gives off exactly the same vibe as recess super casual and fully open for people who don’t want to be held back by the dumb nature of club nights not owned by black people and instead is in place for people who want to have a good night filled with games and good music we all know and love. Curated very well I enjoy the atmosphere they bring to the scene

Days Like This, Brunch

Great for summer days for those that like a more dressed up day. More impress and less smart, the idea is to come for fun with cocktails and vibes. Never been. But from what I’ve heard it’s quite enjoyable, everyone dresses up, something light and comfortable and looks like a night I’d enjoy.


One of few games nights I know my friends to go to dedicated to serving a social setting purely for people who love to play computer games, watch film, comics & manga, cartoons & anime, it’s as space made by people you know so it’s catered to the needs of the individuals around them. So it’s everything the people who enjoy those things want.

Faded & Lux

A night that I feel many people know about due to the podcast the hosts share together, Marvin and TazerBlack host a parties on Saturday(Faded) and Sunday(Lux) respectively. Somewhat spaces for a somewhat older crowd who want a nice night out dressed a little “smarter” or impressionable. Lux being the only one I’ve been to, is a quaint games night for a calm Sunday with some good music and good food.

Love in the City & Project Impact.

Both nights made to meet people for a cool date or linkup, as in speed dating and drinks. For business purposes or something a little more personal both these nights curate moments for people to interact. Dressing with your best foot forward you’re prompted to get to know people through games or natural conversation, nothing too forced as the place is set to get to know who you need to know. Black professionals who need a night out to be fruitful and not just a vibe usually go here and have fun. Project impact I know has been a long-standing event (2012) deserves its own article over all but this is only a list.

Editors Notes

That’s my short intro to some of the place I know where you can catch a vibe or meet likeminded people. So many of these nights I know are used by people who want to be able to see their twitter friends in real life or conveniently meet their person of

Stay composed and keep your neck up

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