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I have been thinking deeply about being black, black culture the energy we bring and what has translated space and time even during our time apart in transatlantic slavery.

There is this cool we have kept this ease of character and a “realness” it’s always portrayed corny in Hollywood but when you’re confronted with it in real life no matter where you are as long as a black person is able to communicate they will be sure to tell you exactly how it is from where they’re standing, and be their authentic self.

This era of communication and worldwide reach has lifted the shroud of what it was perceived to be black and to what it actually is. When channels of communication were narrowed so much was lost in translation, frustration was pent up and people felt denied the ability to be their authentic selves.

In the turn of the millennium with identity being a big deal, if you can remember the “Nigerian prince” emails “share this or else” email chains all bought about bad tastes in people’s mouths. The lack of authenticity and nuance which was about during that time was ugly, when it came back to being your true self being authentic. And being a real N I G G A I have seen my people shine, there was something black people all around the world have tried to keep which is self and those with knowledge of self are flourishing in a real way.

The ones that are able to be themselves a true depiction of their authentic selves in the avi Leiden community have been living with extra sauce and spice. the act of being real is perpetuated through out but really it is never really that many people who act in  true accordance with the ruler and show their true colours, or the colours they show looks like what they’re trying to pull of. That being said we are here being able to be our real selves and authentic 100% of the time.

This is a real big deal for black people as it is globally accepted to be open with your thoughts and if you do it enough well on public forums you can make a living off your opinion. (Angela rye, Ashley akunna, Oloni, Slumflower, Desus & Mero 3 shots lads, receipts girls, Mouse Jones) for better or for worse these people have been chosen to be the voice of a sect and as a whole represent the black community.

This thing that black people do which is be themselves and really win after an era of perception being reality is not just a breath of fresh air, it is a change of guard I see really now there is no going back. There’s no big three or big five. There’s the who are you really who do you align yourself with and who have you aligned yourself with over these years, how long have you been this person you are telling us you are; can we trust the picture you’re giving us and with this new ethic it is those that can stand the test of fire who will be the true leaders of the future and I mean TRUE leaders those leaders happen to be black.

Its really and truly been a part of black culture I’ve seen, during this Me too period and Times up all the clock dagger, cover ups and scandals. It was a big part of white culture to sweep something under the rug, maybe because of the way we have been treated the acceptance of greenness has allowed a culture of openness like none other and for black people you can do and act however you like for better or for worse.

I do see this as an innately black thing as if there is something the Tens have taught me is that if you have enough power you can cover something up but right now all people are in the open and if you can’t stand being in the open we can see theres something funny going on with you and your principles maybe. When you can meet your leaders eye level it opens you up to trusting them wholly.

I do attribute this culture of openness to the black man and woman and see it as  the first step of black culture being the dominant culture in these settings.

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