My Hope of Silver Linings: Enlightening the Zeitgeist about Sickle Cell

Bless Up from your feet to your head top,

In my fight to start a career for myself in this world knowing my life and health/physical condition it has been a hard fought fight to eve bring myself to the door & even have it open for me. I spent months out of the past four years coming up with ways to produce content that was candid enriched my community and educated minds in a way that was able to strike a chord in the hearts of those that wouldn’t know, and created a harmony with the voiceless.

I have always seen myself helping people. I just needed a way that was congruent and natural with who I am. Sickle Cell isn’t my whole person but it is a system that I engage with daily while creating. It has lost me jobs has held me back in my education my social life and my relationships with people.

I have always been the type of person to talk about the goodness of the world, magnify the good out there, I do  see it as my responsibility to show both sides and better still show a side that’s not highlighted that happens to be sickle cell its not the only invisible disease that’s out there but its the first one that I have had to contend with interpersonally and culturally.

I hope that what I have done with Melancholy Maelstrom can be a start to something. Not only showing what Ive been through in terms of the condition but also how that can create expression and discord within someone & how I got through it because sickle cell isn’t my identity,

I am a full human being and there’s much more to. me than what my blood does and the subliminal messages my culture sends, the people send and how they view me. I define myself not anyone else around me. I’ve spent most winters being afraid of the cold changed my mood and change my character, I won’t take it anymore its a terrible reality. Unless you live it the limitations create a warped sense of reality I oppose and rebelled against. In the wrong way. Now I’m more understanding and know a better way than the way they were taught to teach us.


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I document all the information I've gathered in my working and real life using reason and the written word to share with everyone how I ask an artist see the world. I research Plastics and Concrete and I'm educated in tech, design and art history. While having active practitioner experience in Advertising. I use that myriad of technical skills and display how they apply in the world and products we use starting with fashion.

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