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This is the coming of the 20 episode of the Culture and Camaraderie podcast with Tyler @Lax_Era and myself @NYTypical. On this weeks most thought provoking introspective industrious creative discussion:
All of the conversation here surrounds the topic of creativity from the perspective of production and performance of management how can an artist deal with different things put in front of them and we share insights of all of those. Being a fully capable artist is needed today you have to be equipped as we see with all of the artists today if you are not astute you could be had
Spanning from Drake and Tyler the creator at camp flog knaw to how you would conduct yourself if you had a 2 billion consumer heavy product like Mark Zuckerberg.

Management of Artists and Creatives

When you’re endeavouring to create a product or art itself there’s so much infrastructure that goes into that, when you’re an artists are you gonna be an agent your management are you going to be doing your finance manager contracts and events manager and lawyer.

Where’s the line between you focus as a creative person and when do you think you keep control of all things.

theres something here to be had about owning your own ship and being accountable to yourself and for your success –– I myself had to take everything seriously, here more on the podcast.


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Dreaming With No Ceilings

Theres a difference between doing and dreaming & acting and performing. the big difference is the results. You can want to do all the things in the world but you must first find the one thing you can do best to move forward. and have that be a repeatable daily step.

If you can’t say what your business does in one sentence, you don’t know what you’re delivering

Tyler talks about how things will change and shift as a product and or service. You can’t move by accident and you can’t consistently be reactionary to the market. Which is a big topic of understanding that not many people understand, more of that on the podcast tho

Facebook vs The Government

This is a hot button topic talking about what really is Mark Zuckerberg is he a billionaire entrepreneur philanthropist that is doing evil deed from the top of his tower looking down on us peasants or is he a guy that created a platform that happens to be the biggest thing the internet has offered us. The Question is:

What would you do with a platform that holds 2 billion people

I like asking this question really because it behooves the person answering to understand the ,mind needed to handle that responsibility. Or at least simulate it to the best of their ability. Check out what we think on the podcast.


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