Want to Wear: Nike X Jun Takahashi Undercover — Daybreak

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Bless up from your feet to your head top

We Go Again,



urahara_IG_undercover-01.jpgthe silhouette rippers, Jun Takahashi done it again with the daybreak. Giving us everything from multiple textures to dynamic silhouette, finesse into the finish.


The creativity of the daybreak and Juns take on it is right there for us, when he came back with the Nike Reacts he had to show us it wasn’t a fluke (his Reacts are probably still the best style).

The daybreaks are subtle simple yet fashionable and creative in its detailing. All the colour-ways are refreshing and fun. A nice pair of stylish trainers. They do lack versatility though but sometimes you have to sacrifice something to maximise all other things.


I need the Nike Daybreaks on my feet, remind me so much of the gazelles but these by Jun have their subtle flair that show you he made them.

Jun and Nike have had a great relationship with the success of Gyakusou and all of that so I just like to see what he has next really one of the bests to do it for men of taste.



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