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I’ve established many times what I have thought about the 20’s for so long I haven’t been looking to many people individually to make up the greatness of the 20’s but with Black Renaissance: Future History there are some names in there who’s paths I see myself crossing.

I see the opportunity for greatness right there for me, I have been told for the majority of my life there’s greatness there. It never took, I always searched within myself to see if a human good enough existed to create wellness for all, as that’s all I have ever wanted.

So many people have the opportunity to be great during this moment, the time we have in front of us is paramount, many of the people in their 20’s in the twenties have the chance to make a real name for themselves and create their own opportunity and life and own their careers if they truly are about it.

This is the thing we all have to take this time period serious. And accept what we see infront of us with open arms because the chance to be great is right there. So is the work though, so many people are scared of the work. Not even just the big picture vision, like me so many people are annoyed and feel put off by the little things you have to drop for the greatness.

Normality is a ditch, a warm and cozy one. You have walls the warmth of the hive mind and the unattainable sky to look to but never grasp because it’s so out of reach. And in greatness we have to dig deep and dig far, look crazy in the process because the ditch of normalcy is so cozy what’s the point in going further down. But us who know there has got to be something down there when you dig further down only so you can go up the long way. In doing that you look completely crazy to the Normal crowd but you’ve got to know deep in you having the normal things isn’t all there is to life.

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