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This is the coming of the newest instalment of the Culture and Camaraderie podcast with Tyler @Lax_Era and myself @NYTypical. On this weeks most thought provoking introspective industrious creative discussion:
This podcast is a continuation of all the topics from the last couple of being an artist and having decorum and poise in the face of adversity. We speak on the award shows and nominations how artists deal with them their pressures and how social media is used as a tool. Especially social media and the part it plays in how artists feel heat or pressure to perform.
Spanning from Drake and Ari Lennox tWhat it means to be the best artist and what is the best of the best

Albums of the Decade

We get to talking about the albums of the decade looking to Drake Kanye West, Solange James Blake Kendrick J Coleand Frank Ocean. What makes an artists album the best of the decade getting into a conversation about influence and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy & how it changed the sound and structure of music. Then Getting into Drake and how he’s been at the top for almost the whole decade but we can’t think if his album is top 10

What type of influence do tyou need to be the best artist out

If you are the Top does that make you the most influential? Does your music make other artists want to make music like you? Is Kanye the Best Artist We HaveWe get into answering these questions and more on the podcast


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