Arah on YouTube:Yeezy becoming a Luxury House @KanyeWest

In this video I talk about a couple of a couple Worthy next moves for Yeezy Company in the next decade. Main one being luxury after many collaborations over the decade Kanye has shown he has taste and innovative.

Kanye has been part of some of the most creative feats this year, his way of collaborating has inspired creatives across the globe. More than that the installations  stage performances and grand architectural placements have had Yeezy as one of the great productions of this millennium.

With that being said what’s next in the coming decade? This video is on that topic and what the possibilities that can happen if given the chance for collaboration and resources that Yeezy have now,

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I document all the information I've gathered in my working and real life using reason and the written word to share with everyone how I ask an artist see the world. I research Plastics and Concrete and I'm educated in tech, design and art history. While having active practitioner experience in Advertising. I use that myriad of technical skills and display how they apply in the world and products we use starting with fashion.

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