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We go again,

One of the sentiments that I had to grow up with was this intense sense of being a hard worker, doing your best and have something to show for it. The doing your best but it still being a b or c grade wasn’t enough it was you done your all and everything there was to do because you knew it all.

Yes now that’s the most intense pressure a human can be under to know it all and apply 100% effort to those things with precise execution and tremendous performance and effort.

However having that in your psyche as an adult if you could really get with it and have it become part of the fabric of your personality puts you in a zone without many people existing in it.

You study the most you practice the most you perform the most everyday with laser focus and an eye for the one true goal, doing your best and having something to show. Many people let go of that sentiment as kids because why would you do that but perfectionists grab hold of it. Know they’re not that good and do their all to be better, eventually when you look to the left and to the right of you there aren’t many people there but the people who are like minded.

Execution is fun, winning is fun, performing at the highest level is fun, the pressure doesn’t exist because you’re enjoying doing your best because you’re performing on a level many people don’t have the wherewithal to perform under.

You have your principles of performance and you find avenues to the greatest ways of winning. Your charisma takes you places others can’t stand because pressure is non existent because you’ve lived under the circumstances so long.

Much like a power lifter who does the most your warm up or cool down is many people’s max or personal best. Living in this state of focus pressure and performance isn’t for the faint of heart and accolades wait at the top for people who have the enchantment of love for this way of life.

I couldn’t live without it. Knowing there’s people out here who live this way gives me a fire for wanting to do more, the motivation to be at the top and giving your all till you’re empty every time is something reserved for the people who will stop at nothing to get it. That sounds like a great place to be.

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