The lost art of conversation between men

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There’s a certain substance that makes a man, a man and proves him to be undeniably cut from a certain cloth. I’m too young to explain it but I know it exists there is just this essence to a man , who exudes the integrity of gold.

We have seen it portrayed umpteen times on screen and I have seen it in my life time, live in the flesh. These stories that travel from ear to ear, during conversations you hear between father and son; Mentor to Apprentice; Veterans a recruits.

These conversations are exemplar of the true nature of manhood can be established. The lost art of conversation between men, the thing that stopped being handed down, for one reason or the other there is a disparity between how men act and who we are supposed to be.

You are made to grow up and eventually be a man of your word. As soon as you’re in business, you enter a new relationship you create a bond or Camaraderie with men of the same ilk, your word means something to them. And it’s becoming of a man for it to mean something to those that don’t know him.

An example of this is displayed during times where a man will tell you what he will do and you believe it, it’s because if he said he’d do so, it will be done.

I give you my word.

Who is a man to his family? TODAY, That question isn’t answered by one couple, there is a draw men have that is attached to community and community leaders, the men who are supposed to act right aren’t moving in the way they’re supposed to. Therefore the land we stand on is unstable, the soil contaminated therefore infertile. No fruit manifest from a mans word because the land it’s built on is blighted.

Whether we like it or not men need to draw the common understandings in this world to maintain order, to discourage war and upheaval. In my opinion we are living in anarchistic times, men believe there can be no common lines drawn between men who don’t look like them, didn’t grow up where they did or talk how they talk. We know this isn’t true, time and time again throughout history men have found common ground in goals, in quality of life, and clarity of vision in the future.

What has happened now, as I see it battle lines are drawn between men who live within the same 20minute radius. Before the advent of social media would be an attack on ones self, we know our followers better than we know our whole road and next door neighbours.

All that rules is money and as long as its in circulation money is the judge of how well men act. This is wrong. Money ruling the land and false social capital in the way of followers have us standing here now. The measurement of a man used to be how he effects his community now it’s what he can do to entertain the masses on the internet.

I don’t see the internet as the one to blame just the first generation who have lost father figures and OGs and Veterans to set the record straight, there’s been a misstep. Every man here is to blame. I personally don’t like it.

I hold myself and all my peers accountable it’s not something we should be living with and our existence is no good with it. At the same time what were we taught and what rule book does the internet come with.

There’s has to be a consolation soon and quality will have to rule again. Men will have to partake in integrity and word should/will be bonded to action.



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