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people use the term ‘streetwear’ in a not so cute way, mores in a lower rung type of way. its never great as it is something to be lorded. which is okay because street teams for musicians wear streetwear, straight from the trunk (car boot). Which is where artists would sell their “Merch”. All making sense so far.

There has been so much talk and hubbub in the Male zeitgeist about “streetwear”. The mainstream fashionistas “hate” streetwear and I LOATHE the term streetwear. As it stands it’s a Slur and I despise the use of it in daily vernacular.

The term streetwear is also used in reference to the legendary Japanese Designers of the Urahara District, making less sense. But that’s okay. Kinda. What I don’t understand is using it for the guys on the come up or make a certain type of graphics clothing or otherwise, the people who wear the clothes or even sell pieces have archives, or even a tee or hoodie  that is not branded merchandise for an artist and so forth.

Put simply I find it ludicrous the new state of Menswear is separated in parts. The men who dress one way and those that dress another. I genuinely need it all to stop. Menswear has levels an advanced sensibility much like womenswear does. Now there’s an advanced vocabulary.

Men have come in to their own as Mens Fashion has grown and I don’t see the big idea in saying streetwear as its that thing over there when in reality it’s here and now. And one day if I so choose I can wear a hoodie and another day I can wear a suit and it is all Menswear Mens Fashion and part of the plethora of fashion I can execute.

I have been tired of all this talk for so long now that I have already been looking forward to what is next because I know the current state of menswear needed to come at an impasse where all styles coalesce and become just what men wear and not these segments of fragmented reality. Hedibois Edgelords and roadmen combine to create the Vlonetron… kidding. But you get me.

There is so much more to menswear now and all things need to be accepted as equal. Much like there was a Womens revolution with certain cuts mainly pants(trousers) and pockets. Menswear is having its own revolution evolution renaissance.

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