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This is the coming of the newest instalment of the Culture and Camaraderie podcast with  myself ARAH of @NYTypical & Tyler @Lax_Era.. On this weeks most thought provoking introspective industrious creative discussion:
We open on a conversation in art direction staying on brand but rolling out your work in a way that keeps it relevant and doesn’t draw away from it. Keeping us going was our ideals when it comes to legacy, a conversation given context by listening to Drake Andrew Schulz and Quincy Jones, all doing things that are noteworthy in the face of culture

A Generation Of Art Direction

I have seen a pattern with all the people who get their work out their, be that Lil Nas X with Old Town Road, or Drake with Gods Plan, I won’t say anyone is innately strategic but the art direction that went into drawing eyes and attention to these peoples work is a big deal and something to note. A pattern of roll out that I’m entertaining. I see many people create a role out that represents the work and doesn’t show them out of character to the work making the Art Project the focus. Which I find a big deal in “staying on Brand” and something we all need to take heed off.


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Genuine Conversation in Legacy

We all listened to drakes conversation on rap radar and we definitely took an interest in having a conversation about it and our feeling towards him this decade. Being one of the most prominent non decorated Artists of this decade. he’s not a big grammy winner or high achiever like some of his predecessors and peers, Jay Z, Kanye West Kendrick Lamar and more. But he has kept his name in the charts year in and year out, so we have to talk about him and his offerings.

Entering The Golden Millennial Era

This age we’re entering is part of an assortment of industries. Clashing together trying to coalesce and steady themselves so they can keep going. We have a general understanding of the zeitgeist and the Artist role in bending the reality round team so people can see the goodness in one another, the hope, the love, the potential. All of these things work in tandem and to the favour of the artist who follows the pendulum swing.

We get into all that and more on the long podcast.

Whatever Moves your Dial 


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