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We go again

I have been waiting for this show for quite some time, as he was part of my Spring of the Rookie series now Sam Ross is flourishing at the Highest level. In Milan Fashion week Sam is giving us more High Fashion and Less concept he displays a ready to wear stylish and Chic collection definitely aimed ay a mass demographic, I would compare it to Prada and see the level of commercial success this could garner him .


At this point in. time I do believe he has the potential to Out do Prada in quality and creativity, just not at their own game. He must create his own game and epitomise his ideals of Chic suave and quality artistry for menswear. If he does decide to play Prada’s game I do wonder what will happen.

_DAN0168.jpg _DAN0138.jpg

I do believe we will see more from Sam in terms of buyable clothing on the runway who he is speaking to (men) need that image and understanding. Like I said in my What is Couture Video men need to understand what is happening in a fashion show, The Glamour tee and Luxury hoodie only took over menswear because that is what men understand, Sam’s Ideals need to be walked out step by step for the men he is speaking to, to understand them. I do believe that there is a chance for men as a whole to understand where he is coming from.

_DAN0252.jpg _DAN0244.jpg _DAN0004.jpg

When I say Menswear revolution this is what I’m talking about never in the life of people who grew up outside the high society in Britain has there been this amount of men understanding quality clothing outside the luxury names and High fashion zeitgeist. Meaning Sam Has the opportunity to be the guy to walk all men down the aisle and be a fixed position in mens outside the view of people without station but work in stations. This is a British man from ends speaking to tandem and it can work which is what I mean by not playing the Prada (High society) game and play the game we know.




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