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This is the coming of the newest instalment of the Culture and Camaraderie podcast with  myself ARAH of @NYTypical & Tyler @Lax_Era.. On this weeks most thought provoking introspective industrious creative discussion:
More UK Culture Heavy as we direct our attention to very UK centric ideas and ways to boost our culture with our work we dissect all facets from music and art to Royal family drama, the way UK treats black people and what we’re allowed to do.
Is the UK set up for artist to win? Is the Culture set up for UK artists to win first

The Music Events of The Week

From America to theUK bringing us into a conversation of culture in England we rarely have time for music we don’t love so it is great to hear songs that we appreciate. In our conversation of UK music we get topical on how UK fans are and what It talks for a UK artist to get great in the UK

Talking about Culture we get into a deep dive on how I view Culture what Stormzy was saying and his America Radio tour and gathering the Idea of How he can treat UK for better interaction as the best artist in the UK at this current Time and the most famous there’s a Space for him to give a nod to UK interviewers (up and coming) as Staples to go to like the For The Culture Podcast.

The UK underground scene is massive and theres an amalgam of people around from Jazz to Rap and Soul and RNB the things that are marketed and uplifted are mainly more violent acts conditional to the artist we are speaking of.


Theres a heavy conversation to be had about what Meghan Windsor  and her husband abdicate the throne. Was it a forceful removal was it coerced why is it do black people know something is racist but go into the fire anyway? theres an institution set up for us to lose a woman of black descent comes into the royal family – simply put a descendant of a slave and marries into one of the most beloved families on this British Isle. No one should be berated like that on the media but it happens anyway. what a shame and a pity

Making Art for Us

London is a so called melting pot there are somethings here that just don’t mix but a lot of people agree on art. At least when the art is shown. not everyone is here to support something new free and creative. This here is what we speak about how do you relate to the people you represent.

We get into all that and more on the long podcast.

Whatever Moves your Dial 


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