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This is the coming of the newest instalment of the Culture and Camaraderie podcast with  myself ARAH of @NYTypical & Tyler @Lax_Era.. On this weeks most thought provoking introspective industrious creative discussion:
Kobe tragic death left me in mourning and had me deciding There is no way any of this can be stopped not on my watch anyway. Performing at the best producing the highest quality and creating the best art plausible – as a new artist its such a trial.
Leading us to the conversation about music and how hits are made and the greatness behind them, Tyler questions my ear for the last time and we review Russ’ Album.
Russ Vs Andrew Schulz and the real difference between a true ally and someone who is steady going to bat for whiteness. Speaking about White supremacy I wonder why on earth Coronavirus is a bigger deal than when Brexit happened


we dealt with the Death of Kobe Bryant the only way I know how. Talking about performance and what we can learn from his life and how much he believed in himself and I shouldn’t be ashamed to either. Causing Me to make my resolution!!!!

Life isn’t certain Death is so live life as if you’re dying because there is an urgency for you to do something productive . If that doesn’t work I don’t know for you…


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WHAT IS A HIT/New Sound of Music

After our J HUS conversation I spent so much time listening to it so much that it solidified how I felt. We then go through to Review russ’ album Tyler didn’t take to it – so I had to ask him a series of questions pertaining to how he makes music , trying to understand what is there is to not get? Then Tyler tries to rebuttal by putting me in the hottest but it backfires in a heated debate.


I wonder why corona virus is bigger than Brexit or the American elections, I find it annoying that things go to the elites plan and the easily controlled stay controlled and that’s exactly how they like it.

Near the end of the podcast I had to get Rea serious about all the people qq

What is the point in dealing with

We get into all that and more on the long podcast.

Whatever Moves your Dial 


Damilare. Not Your Typical

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