How to Have The Greatest Menswear Conversation

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We had one of the greatest menswear conversations together.

What I appreciate is that we come from all different life experiences but grew up in the same City came to the conclusion we all loved fashion and at the same time decided we won’t be elitist about it. We won’t be snobs and together we’ll defend and help anyone who is trying to grow their fashion knowledge to be better as well as give the best resources.

There is nothing like it. When all parties are of the creative mindset and the want to give to a culture of people they sometimes are able to attract people with the same purpose.

I have loved fashion and clothes all my life and studied it for the better part of 12 years, one thing I know all people who aren’t in fashion find synonymous about people in fashion is the snobbery. They find fashion people so elitist they are unwilling to learn anything about what makes fashion great because why would you want to be like them.

Such is life that is what I grew up with I was unable to ask questions but I was great at my Google’s and able to find all the information I needed about who I wanted it from, that being said I now have a host of knowledge in style high fashion and Couture better than what them elitists have way back then.

The one difference with me is I choose to share it with fun and so do Jason and Ayo we all love to educate entertain and just plain share our opinions while letting another’s exist at the same time. That being said nothing but greatness came from the conversation.

Believe it or not this was the first time all of us met in person and we created magic in that room while discussing something we all love. The High Fashion/ Avant-Garde Arts.

We hope you all enjoy because it was a pleasure making this content for you all

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