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Me and my friends have been talking about Li-Ning all year been a fun year introducing this trainer house to the mainstream. Many people are put off a little bit by the Chinese owners but aren’t Nike’s made by children ? I don’t know anything.

It’s been a hot year for them in my humble opinion and for a new sneaker company to make this much noise deserves an article. I have been meaning to give the Arc Ace sneaker of the month just never got around to it.

With what the website say the technology of comfort is high on the list the fashion shows have given us the most absurd concepts and drawn people to the creativity of the Sneaker house. They have been working diligently to be noticed in the capitalist system. Seeing the price point ridiculously low on Ali Express kind of drew me away and I’m not the type to test trainers (maybe soon) so I just left it.

The Arc Ace has been a spot of contention for so many like me I said on Twitter ‘ I’m well versed in sneakers but have no idea why these shoes have the same sole. Even down to the speckles on the mid

The Arc Ace came first by a long mile, the FutureCraft looks like a copy…

What do you guys think went on?’ Because the similarities were so ridiculous they literally looked like twins making me do some investigation

I came to the conclusion the sole is 3D Printed it looks like a beautifully made and a concept that is fun enjoyable and draws in eyes something every sneaker head wants. I see though would you prefer it to be Adidas?

I went on to say in the twitter thread ‘ I’ve found out that Li-Ning own the arc technology so this was definitely a business deal for Adidas much like the barefoot technology was for Nike.

Seems like Adidas and Nike are warring for new cushion technology’ that’s when I decided to write the article because this story was very juicy but I didn’t have enough facts to substantiate the evidence so it is still on ice.

As a fairly new brand making all this noise I appreciate it and it has to be put in the race alongside Nike and Adidas especially if there is an Adidas copy , of Li-Ning did it first then shout out to them.

Not to mention the Dwayne Wade collaboration, more like a pact with the house in 2012 as he owns equity in it so they are genuinely his Li-Ning’s making so much sense and such a good business move. So glorious colour ways and work going for good money on StockX adding equity to the brand he owns imagine I am so confused by the prices they are going for knowing the market price for them but good on The Way of Wade 7

all in Li-Ning are doing something the same but very different and I am on board with it all and still want to talk about the Arc Ace some more.

written 12/13/19

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